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5 January, 2014 - Uncategorized

Projekt: Director und Editing Manager für das frischeste und international meist respektierte Kunstmagazin über die Berliner Kunstszene. Konzeption, Steuerung der Entwicklung, Aufbau einer Redaktion und des Online-Marketings, Outpacen der bereits existierenden Magazin-Titel binnen weniger Monate durch überdurchschnittlich guten Journalismus und exzellentes Online-Marketing, kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung des Projektes (2012:, 2013:, Koordination eines internationalen Teams in der wildesten und spannendsten Phase eines Startups.
Typ: Zend (Version 1), Drupal 7, Responsive (Version 2)
Auftraggeber:, Berlin/NYC
Jahre: 2011-2013

Thanks to Marcus Johst for having the courage and vision of taking the great risk of publishing an online-magazine these days with unique content and a high journalistic approach – and for giving me the chance to create this along with you, to Jana Hiebsch for having the right mindset to turn my ideas into a smooth design, to Carsten Leithoff for developing the first version of Artparasites with a highly individualized Google-Maps integration (intrepid back in 2011), to Thomas Lobjoie for turning the complex structures of the first version into a more fluid and smooth version in 2013 and for bringing croissants to the office, to the Editors in Chief Julie Anne Miranda Brobeck, Patricia Restrepo and Jovanny Varela for living this magazine and thus giving it a soul, to photographer Chris Phillips who gave APs its unique visual style, to all the editors and contributors who spent countless hours to produce the thousands of articles we’ve published throughout the years, to the team of Preview-Berlin who have understood the value a magazine like Artparasites from the first glimpse and cooperated with us intensely, and last — but certainly not least — to all of the artists, galleries and art people who make the art-business more than just a business.



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